Reveal smooth and soft feet for summer!

rid of calluses and corns

Ladies and gents, the weather is finally warm enough to show of your piggies, which means we need to fix them up from all of the abuse and neglect our feet had in the colder months.

Calluses and corns are really annoying, but with a little effort everyday, you can help get rid of them.

Pumice Stones

I find that gently scrubbing any rough and thick spots on my feet everyday, helps lessen the appearance of the calluses and corns. Try to only take off a little amount of skin everyday. Be careful, I really mean A LITTLE. If you scrub too much everyday, your skin will hurt because you are revealing RAW skin. My favourite pumice stone that I’ve tried is the Mr. Pumice. It has the perfect amount of grit to use everyday. It has a finer grittiness, which I find works better than the oldschool white-grey pumice stones.

Baking Soda Foot Soak

About once every 2 weeks or so, try to soak your feet in this foot soak to reveal super soft skin! in a container/bucket/small tub/bowl that will fit both of your feet, fill it up with about 4-6 cups of warm water , and 2-3 tbsp of baking soda. Soak your feet in this solution for about 15-20 mins, followed by some light scrubbing with the Mr. Pumice. Voila! Super smooth feet. Another bonus is that the baking soda will also help deodorize your feet too!


I find most commercial moisturizers don’t really add anything to the skin. Instead, they only act as a barrier or saran wrap to the skin, holding in whatever moisture it has. What I like to do is slather my feet in coconut oil, which really adds moisture to the skin, then I use whatever commercial body lotion I have laying around on top of that, to help seal the coconut oil in. Throw on a pair of socks and leave them on overnight.

The most important key factor to keeping your corns and calluses at bay is to lightly scrub them everyday. If you overdo it with callus removing lotions, or if you scrub way too much skin off in a short amount of time, your body reacts by reproducing and OVERPRODUCING that protective skin on the callus. So, slow and gentle does it. A little patience and consistency, and you should see that your feet are looking way prettier in a couple of weeks!