Best Lotion For Stretch Marks


I’ve had stretch marks ever since I was a teenager, from going through a crazy growth spurt.

Those stretch marks seemed to get their own stretch marks when I got pregnant.

I admit it, my stretch marks did make me dread looking at myself in the mirror at times, no matter how many inspiring quotes I read about them. I know I am not alone.

Over the years, I have learnt how to reduce the appearance of my stretch marks, along with using specialized products.

Here’s a list of a few products I’ve used, and what I think is the best lotion for stretch marks

Bio Oil

Okay, not a lotion, but this is a highly suggested product for stretch marks, and I honestly don’t understand why. I used this oil on my stretch marks, along with my face to help fade some acne scars. It did nada. I didn’t even think there was enough hydration for my face. I thought this product is a total thumbs down. There was absolutely nothing that I liked about it.

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Rating: 2/10

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula For Stretch Marks Lotion

Another product that I used and absolutely HATED. The lotion felt horrible on my skin. It wasn’t greasy, but it had a strange sticky feeling to it. The worst thing about it was the smell. I could not stand it at all. It definitely did not have the delicious scent of cocoa butter I was hoping for. Instead it had a very headache inducing, chemical, perfumey smell that I can’t imagine anyone enjoying. I also noticed no change in my skin.

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Rating 2/10


After seeing so many positive reviews online – I HAD to try this product. I loved that it had high quality ingredients that were known to help stretch marks. I noticed results within a week of use, and I loved the way the lotion felt and smelled. My stretch marks did not fully go away, but there was a drastic reduction in their appearance.

Only available on their website

Rating 9/10
setavan stretch mark cream review

Revitol for Stretch Marks

I enjoyed the feeling of tis lotion, it was silky and non greasy, but I don’t think it was effective in reducing my stretch marks. My skin was definitely smoother and more hydrated, so the stretch marks were less noticeable, but, I noticed more of a difference with Setavan. It is also called a “stretch mark prevention” cream, so maybe that’s why it wasn’t as effective on existing stretch marks. It did get positive reviews, hence, why I wanted to try it, but I just don’t think it was meant for me.

Only available on their website

Rating 7/10

My stretch marks have faded quite drastically over the years, with some regular TLC and trying out specialized products.

I’ve seen many people whose stretch marks are unnoticeable, unless you are really looking for them.

When purchasing a lotion for stretch marks, I suggest you look up the ingredients and see what each one does. The products that worked the best for me were ones that had a lot of ingredients that were known for renewing skin and are great for stretch marks.

Check out my full reviews on Revitol here, and Setavan here.

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