ICEbOX Makeup Organizer vs. cheap knockoffs


There are so many brands and resellers of different acrylic makeup boxes out there, all ranging from different prices. Before you get enamored with the low price tag, keep in mind that more often than not, you get what you pay for. Here is a comparison of many of the lower end makeup organizers vs. the luxurious Sherrieblossom Iceboxes .

Size Options

The generic organizers also come in different sizes, depending on where you get them. Most resellers only carry 1 or 2 sizes, and you’ll have to shop around various merchants to find the right size. With that being said, after some deep digging, you’ll probably be able to find the size you need.

The Iceboxes come in 5 different sizes to suit your needs. All of their information is in one place. Most people opt for the largest ones due to their collection size, but even the reviews that I’ve seen for the smaller ones, the owners are shocked at how much their organizer can hold!

To find out more about Sherriblossom, check out their website!

Piano Hinge

The Iceboxes give you the option to use the top compartment with or without the lid. Use without the lid to stand up taller items like foundations, lipglosses, etc. The lid uses a piano hinge, or a continuous hinge, to open and close it, which goes across the entire length.

On cheaper items, you may or may not have the option for the lid, but often the lid only utilizes a cheaper type of hinge, consisting of two small hinges, which can easily break from everyday usage. Once acrylic is snapped, we all know it is impossible to fix!

Jamming/Smoothness of Drawers

I have heard so often that the cheaper knockoffs often jam, and dont open and close properly. The manufacturer did not care enough to make sure the parts were made to perfection. Watch this video from Pursebuzz on how much she HATES the boxes she bought from ebay, and the trials and turbulations she had to go through to try and make it work:

She had to take the drawers out and sand the edges down to try to make them fit! And she still hates them.

With all of the care and time Sherrieblossom puts into their products, this would never happen!


I never realized how much a difference the change of handle shape would make! Imagine trying to open an entire drawer with a rectangular prism-shaped handle. How uncomfortable, awkward, and unsecure it would be. Your fingers probably won’t be able to get a good enough grip and imagine if your grip did slip, if all of your beloved products dropped to the floor! *gasp*

The Iceboxes are designed to have a rounded handle, giving you a more comfortable and secure grip. Small change, huge difference!

I’ve also seen cheaper models with clunky or flimsy looking handles which would probably snap off after a short period of usage. See below:


Overall Quality

We all know that Sherrieblossom prides themselves on providing quality products. Every step of the manufacturing is monitored and inspected. Their products are made-to-order in the USA, with high quality lucite. They also use a special glue that dries almost completely invisble. Everything is hand finished to ensure that the box gives off the maximum amount of shine, giving it a luxurious look and feel.

Most lower end drawer organizers are mass produced overseas, using low quality, possibly recycled plastics, giving a foggy or tinted look. There is little to no care in the manufacturing process, and you can often find air bubbles where the glue was used, or glue that was sloppily slapped on. I don’t know about you, but I am a detail oriented person! This drives me batty.

bubbles1e bubbles2e

In the end, Sherrieblossom is a luxury product to encase your beautiful makeup products in. It is like a diamond, every cut and corner is inspected to make sure the end result is pristine, and it should last you a very long time. The generic products are great for right now, but the details are not there. You almost always get what you pay for. You may end up needing to replace your cheaper units every so often, adding up to the same amount as a Sherrieblossom unit.


Check out the details of the Sherrieblossom: No bubbling, smooth seams, CLEAN AND CLEAR everywhere, rounded handles

Your makeup collection is an investment, and you should definitely consider extending the investment with the way you store it. Something to think about!

To find out more about Sherriblossom, check out their website!