5 months for shipping? No thanks.

Let me share with you guys the story of the time I ordered from, a clothing store based out of China.

You know the ones… Where they have super cute, affordable clothing?

And their ads follow you on EVERY. FREAKING. WEBSITE you go to afterwards.

The ones mentioned in this article? 

Yeah, well here’s my 5 month long experience with one of them:

Feb 15 – I placed my order of 3 items

Feb 28 – out of stock notice via email for one item

I replied the same day with an alternative item (black dress)

Feb 29 – FM replied saying that the order has been updated

March 2 – I email to ask when I can expect my order

March 3 – FM replied letting me know that the item that I chose as my replacement item is out of stock.

March 4 – sent in my alternative choices. With the credit amount, I was able to get 2 lower priced items.

I was confused as to why they didn’t let me know the item was out of stock the other day, when I chose this item as a replacement for ANOTHER previous OOS item.

March 8 – I emailed FM to ask if my order has been shipped

They replied saying 3 items are ready to be shipped, and I will get tracking information

March 15 – emailed them after checking their online tracking system, which still said my the items in order were still processing. I asked them what was going on.

March 17 – they replied saying 3 items have been shipped, and they gave me a tracking number. The tracking states that the item was accepted into the shipping system on March 13.

Skye, the rep I was dealing with, mentioned that she contacted the warehouse to speed up the processing for my last item.

April 15 – I email asking where the first package is. It’s been a month after they said they shipped it. It’s also been 2 months since I placed the order.

The tracking number they gave me stopped updating after March 18. 5 days after they shipped it. WTF???

And I also asked about the whereabouts of that second package.

April 18 – Skye replied

She gave me the contact info for Canada Post, and suggested I call them to find out where my package was. She also agreed it’s been a long time.

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Wtf. I don’t even have a working tracking number to give them. I don’t bother calling them. Whatever.

OH OH OH! In regards to that last item that was to be shipped in my 2nd package,

Oh, that item is out of stock.


She also said they sent emails to me and that they may have went to spam (no, it didn’t).

My new options are:

1. Could you please choose another item as a substitute on our website? You can choose any item which costs up to $20 as a compensation. Please send us the substitute information including the product SKU or the product link, your desired color and size, and then we will arrange the replacement for you immediately.
2. We will offer you a $20 coupon for your future purchase if the replacement is not acceptable.
3. We will offer you a full refund as $17.05 but it takes 15-20 days for our Financial department to process it.

I reply the same day with my replacement.

April 20 – Skye responds saying they will replace the item, and she’s contacting her “colleagues” to speed up the processing.

May 2 (give or take a few days) – I GET MY FIRST PACKAGE!

Wow. That means it took almost THREE MONTHS from the date of ordering to get this first package.

The 3 items looked fine. They don’t fit me (damn curves) and a bodysuit is too short at the ankles on me (I’m 5’6).

The quality is what I expected from China. Not amazing, but they’re fine.

I give up on the second package. I expect it to never arrive. I move out of my in law’s home.

It’s July 4th….

And my sister in law tells me there’s a package for me.

I had no idea what it could have been. Maybe a company I previously worked with sent me some more promo items to my old address?

I come to pick it up the next day.

Low and behold,

It’s the 4th item.

So let’s take a look at this:

I place my order February 15

I receive my first package with 3 items, approximately on May 2nd (give or take 3 days)

And my second package with the 4th item on July 4th.


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I can’t believe this whole process took that long.

And to be honest, I had to PUSH them to get the process going a few times.

If I hadn’t emailed to follow up, I would have never known that the items were out of stock. They wouldn’t have suggested to their warehouses to “speed up” things (if they even did that!)

I admit, I did get these items as promo. And I am SO glad I didn’t spend money with this company.

If I had to pay for this kind of service, I’d be livid.

I understand that companies have no control over how long shipping takes, but seriously? It took a whole month before they even shipped anything out.

I also think they need to ship items via better shipping method. 2-3 months for shipping is the longest I’ve ever waited for anything to be shipped to me. Even on eBay, where a lot of stores are from China, offer free shipping and the same quality of clothing for less, and their shipping isn’t this bad.

Don’t Order from FashionMia

In those 5 months, I got to work with an amazing brand, Amiclubwear.

beige waterfall trench

I got that periwinkle dress from them!

I honestly thought that this was another one of those trendy, affordable, Chinese clothing companies.

I placed my order and it literally came within days! I was expecting it to come in a few weeks.

They offer super cute and trendy clothing at great prices. And they’re based in California!

Check them out here

If You MUST order from FashionMia…

Expect to get your order MONTHS down the road. I know that when I buy clothes, I buy them for a specific event in mind.

If you have an event coming up within 2 months, I would not suggest ordering from FashionMia or its sister sites.

So, what’s your experience?

Have you ever bought from an online shop overseas and had a HORRIBLE experience? Let me know!

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